Alameda California

The Island City of Alameda


Otis Drive Shoreline Drive Santa Clara Avenue Park Street
Whitehall Road Webster Street Mecartney Road Central Avenue
Encinal Avenue Island Drive Grand Street Lincoln Avenue
San Jose Avenue Buena Vista Avenue Atlantic Avenue Maitland Drive


Alameda Towne Centre
14 July 2006 - Let's hope it will be worth it when the construction is complete. The whole shopping center has been a mess for well over a year. The congestion and parking problems around Walgreens (old and new), Safeway (new) and Trader Joe's is terrible. The mall has been a disaster area forever. And the abandoned Albertson's and Safeway (old) offer a ghost town atmosphere to the south western area. I sure miss our good old Southshore Shopping Center!

Fast Traffic Lights
24 Feb 2006 - Aren't those traffic lights at the intersection of Doolittle and Island Drive just great! The cycle times are so fast it doesn't matter if you miss them, you'll get the green again after a very short wait. Except after the bridge opens, of course.

Driving Topics
• Every time you use the brakes you waste gasoline. And the harder you apply the brakes the more gasoline you waste. Unless you are driving a true hybrid vehicle such as a Toyota Prius.

• Turning the steering wheel while a vehicle is stationary, such as during a tight parking maneuver, wears the tires unevenly, and puts undue stress on the steering and suspension components.


Emu Springs
What does Alameda have to do with Emu Springs? What is Emu Springs? What great questions!

The Rain in Spain
We all know it falls mainly on the plain.

Movement at the station
And not the railway station either!

PC Migration Saga
Have you ever bought a new PC and had heaps of problems migrating everything from your old PC to the new one. So has this guy!

Setting up TiVo
Thinking about buying one of these new fangled TiVo machines? Here are the experiences of a TiVo Newbie. Read about it here!

Things I wonder about
Why don't supermarkets put a little effort into keeping shopping carts and baskets clean?
Why indeed?
Why not?

Revised: March 13, 2009